safety check car service in Prestons

The safety features in your vehicle will not be worthwhile if they are not functioning properly. We offer a full safety check feature that helps to see that all your vehicle’s safety parts are working right.

This not only ensures that your vehicle is safe but also helps you with the resale process. You will need a safety certificate if you are planning on selling your car. You will also need it if your car has gotten past a certain age or if your car has been damaged in some way in the past. Our safety check will help to see that your vehicle is safe to drive in the event that you’re trying to sell it or it is more susceptible to harm.

We will review the following points in this key car service:

  • The seats and their belts
  • The windscreen; this includes looking at how stable it is
  • Brakes and clutch features including how well they can respond
  • Your steering wheel and how it can move the wheels
  • Tyres and wheels; this includes looking at how well they are aligned
  • The outside part of the vehicle; this is to see if there are dents or rust spots
  • The emission system and how it allows heat to move out of the vehicle

The efforts that we have to offer for vehicles in Prestons can make a real world of difference. Contact us to see how a proper safety check can work for your vehicle whether it is old or you are trying to sell it.

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