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You vehicle log book is critical to the operation of your car. It lists information on the maintenance services that it requires based on what parts have to be checked and when they need to be reviewed. This lists details on what can be done to ensure your car is taken care of properly while still keeping the warranty intact.

We proudly offer full log book services for all car owners in Prestons. Our car service will assist in managing all the maintenance needs that a log book requests.

Our car service plans work by handling a number of points that are important and useful for your needs. We will analyze your vehicle’s many parts including its brakes, cooling system, exhaust and much more.

We can review the proper log book that comes with your vehicle to determine what needs to be reviewed. We can then consult you about how particular services can work for your benefit.
We will also stamp your log book after we are finished with the necessary service. We do this to confirm that we have fully taken care of your vehicle and that it has been maintained in accordance with your warranty.

Don’t forget that the resale value of your vehicle will increase when you get it fully maintained in accordance with log book standards. Check with us to see how well our services can work for your vehicle. We offer great services to all cars in Prestons regardless of what their log books might request.

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