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Your car’s exhaust system has to be analyzed carefully. The exhaust pipe helps to move fumes out of your car, thus allowing it to keep on working. You need to keep fumes out of the way or else your engine will wear out.

With that in mind, we have a great exhaust service that can help you keep your car clean and under control. We can inspect your exhaust system and review how it is functioning.

Your catalytic converter can be reviewed in the first part of our service. This part can be inspected and cleaned out or replaced if you’re hearing a shaking or rattling sound while your car is idle. This is often a sign of the catalytic converter not taking in your vehicle’s exhaust the right way.

The muffler and pipe can also be checked. Sometimes these parts will become improperly aligned due to years of wear and use. In other cases these parts might be clogged due to sediment and other compounds inside their parts. We can analyze and clean out these parts or replace them altogether if needed.

Leaks can also be inspected. A leak might entail a muffler or other part having a tear or some other kind of opening. Even the smallest such leak can cause damage to your vehicle over time. We can review the installation of your exhaust system and repair it as necessary.

Our car service in Preston will help you with repairing your exhaust system. Contact us to find out what our exhaust service can do for your vehicle today.

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