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At Torque Automotive, we focus extensively on ensuring that every auto repair and service job we perform is done to the exact needs that our clients hold. We understand that all people in Prestons have particular needs for their cars and that they need to be fixed as soon as possible. With this in mind, we offer only the best quality services that people can utilize.

The main goal we have at Torque Automotive is to get every key task done right the first time. Every form of car service we offer is prepared with safety and high standards in mind. We only take care of the services that you need or request without charging you more than what you might be able to cover.

We especially focus on using the best possible materials for every task we undertake. We use all the latest parts and tools to take care of your vehicle’s needs. These include the latest parts that are designed with very specific models in mind. We don’t focus on universal parts that might not always work in some vehicles.

Every job that we undertake is completed in a professional manner. We never try and add on extra charges or services unless you specifically say that you want them. For us, the key is to find and fix your problems without anything else getting in the way.

We pride ourselves on having high standards for work. We focus only on ensuring that the tasks we complete are thorough and detailed. Contact us today if you have car service needs in Prestons or any where else in Sydney for any kind of vehicle you have.

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We are one of the leading auto repair shops serving customers in Prestons. All mechanic services are performed by Highly Qualified Standards. We care for every job and operate in the safest manner, with high standards of integrity & ethics.

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